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On July 15, 2019, Lisa Barry talked with League member Terri Wilkerson about Line 5 and why the League supports complete decommissioning of this 66 year-old pipeline that takes a 645-mile shortcut through Michigan and then back to Canada with the majority of the 22,500,000 gallons of oil it carries. Terri's research is documented on the website she created, Click HERE to listen.

July 1, 2019 LWVAAA President Joan Sampieri described the Observer Corps in development. League members will attend meetings of government councils and agencies to observe and report on issues being considered.


June 17, 2019, Lisa Barry talked with Washtenaw County parks official Ginny Trocchio about the county's Natural Area Preservation Program.

Ginny is the Superintendent of Park Planning and Natural Areas for the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission. The interview is the second in our series about getting to know your Washtenaw County government.


This week in our bi-weekly conversation, 89.1 WEMU's Lisa Barry talked to Washtenaw County administrator Greg Dill, beginning a series of conversations about what happens and who's involved in Washtenaw County government. Click HERE to listen.


On May 20, 2019, Sue Smith spoke with Lisa Barry (WEMU 87.1 FM) about the process of redrawing Michigan's voting districts following passage of Proposal 2 last Fall.

Approved by voters last November, Prop 2 amended the Michigan Constitution to provide for a Citizens Redistricting Commission that will re-draw the maps for Michigan's Legislative and Congressional Districts following the 2020 census.


On May 6, 2019, Margaret Leary brought us up-to-date on preparations for the 2020 Census

Margaret is coordinating a series of public presentations to educate the public about this essential governmental activity. These presentations will be available, on request, to interested organizations throughout Washtenaw County. Contact league@lwvannarbor for more information.


Roddy Wares DESCRIBED this year's project to visit high schools and help eligible students register to vote. She says student response has been enthusiastic.


On April 8, Carolyn Madden described the League's approach to advocacy.


March 25, 2019 Paige Nong REPORTED on recent Brews & Views event when Craig Mauger of the Campaign Finance Network spoke about money in Michigan politics.


March 11, 2019 League member Mary Seelhorst EXPLAINEDHouse of Representatives bill HR 1 - 'For The People' - A Comprehensive Set Of Protections For Voters. The bill is supported by the League.


On February 25, 2019, LWVAAA member and Ann Arbor Township Clerk Rena Basch shared some of her experiences running for local office and explained how to prepare and what to do. Listen HERE

On Feb 11, 2019, Lisa Barry chatted with League member Nancy Schewe and Dexter Historical Society member Caryl Burke about plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, when women won the right to vote. Click HERE to listen.

A wide variety of area organizations, from libraries to theater groups to schools and more, are being invited to join in the celebration with their own special approach.


On Feb 22, 2019, Lisa Barry talked with League member and attorney Margaret Leary about the upcoming 2020 census and some of the controversy surrounding that. Click HERE to listen.


Jan Salsberry describes the founding of the new Tecumseh/Lenawee County league "I realized I actually researched buying my new truck and a new appliance more that I researched the candidates, both local and national who were running for office. Four of us met with the State Membership Chairman and Ann Arbor Membership and President at Webers to discuss the possibility of starting a Tecumseh Unit. This would allow Ann Arbor to mentor us for two or more years and get us established as a League of our own. Now we are at the point where we are ready to start the process of going off as our own League.

John Hansen and Karl Fink described the non-partisan Dexter Forum to Lisa Barry. Click HERE to listen.


LWVAAA members Margaret Leary and Cheryl Depner

RECAP the November 6, 2018 election results with Lisa Barry of WEMU.


On November 5, 2018, Lisa Barry of WEMU talked with Anne McKee and Alan McCord about Ballot Proposal #1 - Legalizing Personal Use of Marijuana in Michigan.
Listen HERE.


October 22, 2018 - Margaret Leary explains ballot Proposal 3 - Promote the Vote


October 8, 2018, Lisa Barry of WEMU talks with Jack Weddell, winner of the LWVAAA high school poster contest, and his teacher Helen Bunch. Listen HERE


On September 24th, 2018, 89.1 WEMU's Lisa Barry talked to guests about candidate and issue public forums organized by the League. The Saline High School student debate team will present, pro and con, the Michigan ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana and the Dexter High School debate team will present the proposal for an independent redistricting commission. League member Jeanine DeLay coordinates the events and was joined by local high school debate teachers Shelly Venema and Debora Marsh. LISTEN HERE


Cathy Whitaker described LWVAAA outreach to senior citizens with voter registration and absentee ballot application help.

Susan Wooley described how the local, state and national Leagues interact

Margaret Leary explained Michigan's problem with gerrymandering and the November ballot proposal to solve it.


On July 30 WEMU's Lisa Barry (FM 89.1)was joined by Washtenaw County Chief Deputy Clerk/Register and Director of Elections Ed Golembiewski and league member Cheryl Depner to talk about the August 7 primary election


[Error: Bad image reference WEMU_N_ScheweVOTE411_7_11_18.150pxl.jpg] Interview #10 - Nancy Schewe talks about All The Information You Need To Vote In The Upcoming Election At Vote411.Org


For our ninth interview, 89.1 WEMU's Lisa Barry was joined by League member Paige Nong to talk about raising awareness and participation in the upcoming primary election on August 7th This year, the state has hotly contested primaries for the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor because incumbent Govenor Snyder is term-limited. In several congressional districts, there are also contested primaries. There are also contested races at the county and municipal levels, as well as millage proposals for specific communities.


Candidate Forums for the upcoming August 7 primary election with Donna Crudder, LWV-AAA Director of Voter Service


June 4, 2018 Election Inspectors & Information Concerning Upcoming Elections Ed Golembiewski, Washtenaw County Elections Director and Cheryl Depner, LWVAAA member

Educating The Public About Impact Of Carbon Pricing Ginny Rogers, Citizens Climate Lobby in Ann Arbor and Susan Wooley, LWVAAA member =================================================

Paige Nong and Mary Seelhorst, League members talk about Brews & Views


Sue Smith explains Promote the Vote campaign to amend the Michigan Constitution to improve voter access to the ballot.


"Nan Elder and Roddy Wares describe LWVAAA outreach to high school students via a registrations campaign and a get out the vote poster contest


Long-time member Mary Hathaway talks to WEMU host Lisa Barry about the League