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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

2017 Annual Meeting Celebrated LWV-AAA

Kerrytown Concert House was the perfect venue for this year's annual meeting. Almost 50 LWV-AAA members applauded as Life Members Sunny Morse (left, with daughter Suzi and President Nancy Schewe), and (right) Mary Hathaway and Shirley Axon were recognized. Doug Koop, Director of the Legacy Land Conservancy, described the goals and benefits of the conservancy movement, which are supported by the LWV position on natural resources: "Promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.". And the annual business meeting concluded with the President's report by Nancy Schewe, adoption of the 2017-18 budget and election of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year.

LWV-US Statement on Trump's "Election Integrity Commission"

(Washington, DC) The League of Women Voters president, Chris Carson League of Women Votersissued the following statement in response to reports that President Trump will announce an election commission to investigate false claims of widespread voter fraud in American elections:
"President Trump's executive action today announcing an Election Integrity Commission is an unnecessary distraction from the real work to protect against foreign hacking and interference in our electoral process. The real purpose of this effort is to justify President Trumps' false claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 elections.
"This effort begins with a deep credibility gap. Commission members' views on elections are well known and have been discredited as political ideologues with dangerous agendas. This is part of a wider effort to suppress the vote, keep certain politicians in power, and undermine our elections by spreading falsehoods.
"Today's announcement is just another distraction from the real issues and we expect that any findings or recommendations from this Commission will only be used to make it harder for people to vote in the future. "The White House is attempting to bury this Commission at a time when the nation and Congress are consumed with this administration's own Russia scandal.
"The real problems with our electoral system are the suppressive laws that prevent eligible voters from access to the ballot. False claims of voter fraud have been used to push through more restrictive voting laws including voter ID, proof of citizenship requirements and limiting or reducing early voting opportunities.
"This administration is laying the groundwork to usher in widespread discrimination in our systems of voting and manipulate our democracy."


Do you belong to a Washtenaw area group (book club, neighbors, hobby, or other) that wants to learn about legislative redistricting?
LWV-AAA has teams of trained presenters who will describe how redistricting is currently done in Michigan, what the issues are and what could be done to improve the process. The presentation is educational in nature and not associated with any ballot campaign.
To find out more, contact


Redistricting Ballot Proposal Initiative

The League supports an independent commission as a solution to the problems with Michigan's current redistricting process. LWVMI is aware that other groups are thinking about a ballot proposal campaign. At this time, the League has not endorsed a ballot proposal or joined a coalition to do so. The LWVMI Board will evaluate the possibility of joining a ballot campaign based on the proposal and the probability of the campaign's success.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan will continue to educate the public on this important issue.


Tuesday, May 26 Noon 4th Friday Lunch and Learn. SOLVING CLIMATE CHANGE. Reservation required, go to SignUpGenius

Tuesday, June 20, 8pm, Issues and Ale (first meeting).Homes Brewery, 2321 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor. Come for casual conversation and discussion of events with LWV-AAA members and friends.

Friday, June 23, noon - 2pm, 4th Friday Lunch and Learn Reservation required, go to SignupGenius


Residents of the Tecumseh, MI area are joining together to form a local League under the guidance and assistance of LWV-AAA. Introductory meeting will be Tue, May 9, 6:30-7:30 pm Tecumseh District Library, 215 North Ottawa St, Tecumseh. To find out more, contact

YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS (printable brochure)

YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS 2017-2018 has names and contact information for elected officials for this area including local, state and national.


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More volunteers at LWV art fair booth July 2012


And how to contact them. See 2015-2016 Citizen's Guide to Government issued by the Michigan Legislature; includes state agencies.