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Upcoming Election Information

Election dates and Candidate Forum Information

Election Date

2019 election dates will be confirmed by Washtenaw County as filing deadlines are reached. There are no elections scheduled for May 7 in Washtenaw County.

August 6 and November 5 elections will be for special matters such as millages and charter amendments. The cities of Chelsea, Milan, and Saline will elect City Council members during regular elections on November 5, 2019. Click HERE for up-to-date information about these dates.

The next series of elections for all other public offices will occur in 2020.

Your Ballot

Click HERE to access Washtenaw County Clerk information about upcoming elections.

Or go to your local City/Village/Township Clerk website for information specific to your location.

Closer to election date go to , LWV's own website, to see what will be on your ballot.

Candidate Forums

Prior to elections, LWV-AAA candidate forums for Ann Arbor will be available on demand to view at the CTN Channel 19 website.

Go to LWV-AAA Calendar for schedule for forums.

VOTE411- the LWV National Voter Information Site

Access the League's VOTE411 site for information about voter registration. Closer to elections VOTE411 will have information about candidates in county and local elections.

Click HERE to access information about YOUR ballot, candidates, and much much more.

1) Enter your address and click green "Enter" button

2) Click green "Get personalized information on candidates and issues" box

3) Next, click green "Show My Races" (below the blue field)

4) First race showing is for governor.
Click "View My Races" to see a list of all that will be on your ballot - you can go directly to a particular race from this list. OR click the right and left arrows in the black bar to move through the list one-by-one.

Judicial Elections

Here's some information about how we elect judges in Michigan.