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Many Michigan residents continue to have questions regarding the request for information from the federal government's election commission. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today made clear she will not release any personal voter information. For example, state law explicitly protects Social Security and driver's license numbers from being released for these purposes. As in most other states, Michigan law does provide for disclosure of some basic public voter information. Political parties, candidates and news organizations routinely request and receive this data. State law for decades has allowed anyone to review voter lists to ensure election integrity. As in Michigan, similar laws in almost all states make this basic voter information a public record. Michigan will certainly not go beyond what is legally required in any response to this data request, and we are highly sensitive to people's desires to keep what is private as private.

"Michigan is rightly known as a state that encourages all eligible voters to have their voices heard on Election Day and one that voters can have full confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the results," Johnson said. "I will work with anyone to find ways to make voting accessible for all eligible Americans as well as strengthen election integrity. I firmly believe in, and will defend, our state's right to administer our own elections and safeguard our voters and their private information."

Johnson has made election integrity and the accuracy of Michigan's Qualified Voter File a top priority since she took office in 2011. Her office also has performed 1,400 post-election audits, sends out a reminder to Michigan residents when they turn 18 years old and asks people who aren't registered to sign when they visit a Secretary of State office. Michigan has been named the top state for registering people to vote at motor-vehicle offices according to USA Today, and ranks consistently among the top states for election administration.

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